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Affinity Groups

The Black Leadership AIDS Crisis Coalition (BLACC), formerly known as the AHF Black AIDS Crisis Task Force, is an initiative of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) developed to create a coalition of African-American cultural influencers and health advocates who will promote sexual health and revolutionize outreach to the African-American community on the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

By empowering leaders in the fields of medicine, religion, sports, politics, business, academia, entertainment and civic organizations, BLACC members and supporters speak directly to our community to encourage sexual responsibility and keep HIV/STD prevention and treatment at the forefront of the national African-American agenda.

African-American families—and young people in particular—are the highest risk demographic for new HIV cases and AIDS-related deaths in the United States. BLACC is committed to increasing awareness, access to testing and care, and advocacy on behalf of African-American communities across our nation.

Flux aims to raise the profile of the trans* and gender-nonconforming community by leveraging social events, creating safe spaces, and innovative advocacy initiatives.

Who we are: Flux is a national division of AIDS Healthcare Foundation dedicated to creating safe spaces for trans* and gender non-conforming individuals through:

Advocacy: We intend to be responsive to emerging issues that directly impact our communities and mobilize our communities to create change.

Our events are geared towards raising the profile of the trans* and gender non-conforming community by creating spaces that celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of our community.

Innovative Marketing/Advocacy: We are committed to providing a platform for advocacy issues and creating content that speaks to the social determinants of health that impact the overall well-being of the trans community.

Since 1987, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has been on the forefront of providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy to over 892,000 patients in 39 countries. As the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the U.S., AHF is expanding its efforts to reach more people living with HIV, and address the cultural and social issues that have been identified as markers of infection within communities of color.

AHF’s LOUD strives to fight HIV by employing marketing initiatives that are not only culturally competent, but effective at encouraging behavioral change throughout Latino communities in the U.S. These efforts especially seek to connect identified at-risk Latino sub-populations (e.g. youth, gay, women, and transgender individuals) to proven prevention methods and medical care using creative marketing efforts that authentically understand and speak to the diversity with the U.S. Latino population. Through targeted education and collaborative messaging efforts with corporate entities, entertainment personalities, religious leaders and community stakeholders that share a similar vision, LOUD believes a healthier Latino community is within reach.

Who Is Impulse?

In the summer of 2008, HIV rates were climbing among gay men. Jose Ramos and a group friends sat in his kitchen in Los Angeles, CA and wondered, “Why?” Jose approached Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, who described his concept for Impulse to Jose. Michael challenged Jose to start a social revolution, and with that, Impulse was born!

What Is Impulse?

Impulse United is a volunteer group of active individuals in collaboration with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) whose purpose is to promote sexual & lifestyle wellness using modern social approaches. This federation of chapters shall accomplish this vision through breaking social barriers in communities with such need.

The prevalence of these issues among LBGT individuals is different in each city. We understand that, but we also acknowledge we are living in a global era where together we can find a solution. This group of volunteers creates campaigns, events, and online content to reach a new generation of LBGT individuals who live in a modern and rapidly evolving world.

Impulse is now the largest HIV/Wellness group in the world, comprised completely of volunteers and, in the last 12 months, organized over 250 events and over 20 campaigns. Impulse is comprised of over 300 volunteers in 20 cities who tirelessly dedicate themselves to the purpose of: