AHF collaborates with government and non-governmental organizations in Peru to provide HIV testing and treatment to most-at-risk populations, supporting the timely entry of treatment under the service linkage model.

Efforts are underway to facilitate access to retroviral treatment and to improve the quality of care at four regions (Lima, Ica, Loreto and Lambayeque) in seven hospitals.

AHF Peru is coordinating efforts to promote HIV screening to target populations and distribute rapid HIV testing throughout major cities, adapting campaigns in indigenous and remote populations.

AHF Peru works with the Health Ministry to raise awareness about the importance of timely treatment and preventative practices, such as condom use during sex. In 2014, the first wellness center was established to provide HIV and STD testing and treatment services.

The Ministry of Health estimates 72,000 people are living with HIV in Peru, most of who are a part of the transgender community or men who have sex with men (MSM).

The fear of social repercussions and the absence of free rapid test campaigns led many Peruvians to avoid HIV testing and learning their status.

Now, national campaigns have focused on countering the stigmas attached to HIV/AIDS and on increasing testing, especially among young men.

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Dr. Jose Luis Sebastian, Country Coordinator
Av. Arequipa 3410/San Isidro
Lima 27 – Perú
Phone: (51) 970429857
[email protected]

Clients in AHF Care: 14,448
Clients receiving ART: 9,475
People living with HIV: 72,000*
Adults 15-49 prevalence rate: 0.4%*
Adults 15+ living with HIV: 70,000*
Women 15+ living with HIV: 21,000*
Deaths due to AIDS: 2,500*

*UNAIDS HIV/AIDS estimates, 2014