AHF started its activities in Ukraine in 2009 by supporting ART decentralization in close cooperation with the state health care facilities. Currently AHF Ukraine carries out HIV testing and clinical programs in the country as well as actively promoting condom use by means of public awareness campaigns. AHF Ukraine is providing diagnostics, prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections and tuberculosis. In most of the regions, AHF Ukraine carries out training sessions for social workers on medical issues of HIV/AIDS.

In November 2016, AHF Ukraine opened in Kyiv the first Checkpoint clinic in Eastern Europe. On World AIDS Day 2016, the integrated care site for HIV/TB/OST patients was launched in cooperation with the Kyiv City Health Care Department.

Ukraine remains one of the European leaders in terms of new HIV infection cases. The HIV epidemic is centered in specific key populations with high risk of HIV. Since 2008, the main cause of HIV transmission has been sexual contacts. In 2016, over 60% of newly infected got HIV through sexual contacts (57% in 2014). Most of the newly registered cases of HIV infection are among young people (ages 15-30).

Challenges to controlling the HIV epidemic include: the lack of services for injecting drug users (IDUs), stigma surrounding men having sex with men (MSM), and limited access to affordable condoms and HIV testing. Even though more than half of new HIV registered cases are from heterosexual transmission, prevention and testing programs targeting the general population are still scarce.

In 2015, the government introduced the Test and Treat approach. In 2016, state budget allocations for HIV/AIDS increased by 140%. Current health care reform in Ukraine is based on the public health approach.

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Sergiy Fedorov, Country Program Director
03055, Kyiv 5, Shulyavska Str. Office 10
Phone: +38 044 594 52 97
[email protected]
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Clients in AHF Care: 31,502
Clients receiving ART: 26,099
People living with HIV: 235,000*
*As of January 2017