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AHF Research is dedicated to discovering better treatments and improving quality of life for people living with HIV.

An Experienced and Caring Staff

Our staff specialize in the field of HIV/AIDS. They have years of experience and are sensitive to the issues that people with HIV face. We give individual care to everyone participating in a clinical research. We provide access to a variety of providers trained in specific fields.

Clinical Trials

AHF Research has over ten years of experience with anti-retroviral (ARV) studies, including:

  • Studies of new ARV medications, both before and after FDA approval
  • Studies for people who already take ARV medications and are failing, as well as studies for people who have not yet begun ARV therapy
  • Studies comparing different combinations of ARV medications
  • Studies to reduce the number of pills a person must take, and to reduce dosing frequency
  • Women’s studies, looking at the quality of life for women with HIV
  • Studies examining obstacles that prevent people from taking their ARV medications as prescribed
  • Research into related conditions such as Hepatitis C and neurological disorders

Each study has different requirements you need to meet in order to be involved. With the wide range of clinical trials we offer, there is a good chance that there is one that fits you. We invite anyone with an HIV positive diagnosis to consider taking part in AHF’s current clinical trials. You do not have to be an AHF Healthcare Center client to participate and women along with people of under-represented ethnic groups are encouraged to participate.

Research Studies

The amazing advances in HIV treatments have come from scientific understanding of the virus and the immune system, but there is still much more that is not understood.  AHF Research is collecting samples from persons who fall into rare categories needed by scientists trying to understand HIV/AIDS.  Research with these specimens might hold the key to new advances in treatment and care of persons with HIV.  Examples of persons whose participation is sought include:

  • Those who very recently got infected (before positive antibody tests)
  • Those who maintain undetectable levels of virus in their blood without ARV treatment
  • Those who maintain low levels of virus in their blood without ARV treatment
Medical Professionals Interested in Research

If you are qualified and are currently interested in applying for a research grant, AIDS Healthcare Foundation(AHF) might be able to assist.

AHF is committed to advancing clinical care for persons with HIV infection, and therefore supports research towards this goal. We encourage collaborations with outside researchers focused on 5 major target areas:

  • Diagnostics
  • Antiretroviral Drug Treatment
  • Opportunistic Infections/Complications of HIV Infection
  • Pathogenesis of Infection
  • Novel Therapeutics

To put in a request for a research collaboration, and/or to learn about or apply for an AHF Clinical Research Grant, click here.

AHF Research Leadership

Otto Yang, MD

Otto Yang, MD
Scientific Director, AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Otto Yang, MD is a distinguished physician-scientist who has served as Scientific Director of AIDS Healthcare Foundation since 2012.

Dr. Yang received his medical degree from Brown University Medical School in 1990.  He subsequently completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Bellevue Hospital/New York University from 1990-1993 during the height of the AIDS epidemic, and then trained in Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, leading to board certification in Infectious Diseases.  During his fellowship training, he spent time running the HIV clinic at the only maximum security prison in Massachusetts, where he was the sole provider of HIV care.

He served as faculty at Harvard from 1997-1999, and moved to University of California Los Angeles in 1999, where he reached the rank of full professor in 2008.  He has been the Associate Chief of Infectious Diseases since 2010, and plays an active role in mentoring students, faculty, and junior faculty.

As a scientist, Dr. Yang has been studying the basic disease processes of HIV infection since 1994.  He has an active research laboratory that focuses on the immune response against HIV using tools in molecular immunology and virology, which has been funded by National Institutes of Health funding since 1995.  Dr. Yang is an author on over 110 peer-reviewed scientific publications, has authored books and book chapters, and submitted several patent applications for his work.  Over the past decade, he has served as an expert consultant to National Institutes of Health for reviewing grants and sitting on advisory panels for HIV vaccine research, as well as being an editorial board member for Journal of Virology and PLoS One and reviewing scientific articles for numerous scientific journals.

Dr. Yang’s most recently ongoing research projects include studying how the virus mutates to escape the immune response, the role of the viral Nef protein in disease, and harnessing nanotechnologies to design vaccines and novel therapeutics for HIV.