AHF became active in Haiti in 2006. AHF Haiti currently provides care to incarcerated populations in conjunction with another NGO, Health Through Walls. The incarcerated population is a very vulnerable population in Haiti, and AHF Haiti even provides care to people after their release from prison so there is no interruption in treatment. Partners of incarcerated HIV-positive individuals are also able to receive HIV testing so they too can know their status and be linked to care if necessary. AHF Haiti conducts mass testing drives focused on people visiting incarcerated Haitians in the national prison system to help identify those who are HIV-positive and link them into care. Additionally, AHF Haiti has a freestanding clinic in Port au Prince that provides testing and treatment services to the general public.

Haiti has the highest prevalence of HIV infection in Latin America and the Caribbean. It faces the worst AIDS epidemic outside Africa and bears the greatest burden of HIV in the Western Hemisphere. The epidemic began in the late 1970s and has spread widely throughout the country. Today, Haiti faces a generalized epidemic fueled by endemic poverty, high illiteracy rates and inadequate health and social services that have been further weakened by chronic political instability, high internal migration rates and a high prevalence of sexually transmitted infections. To add insult to injury, on January 12, 2010, the capital Port-au-Prince suffered a 7.3-magnitude earthquake that killed over 300,000, injured as many as 500,000 and displaced about 1.5 million. The consequences are still felt in the general population.

According to the Global AIDS Response Progress Report 2016, disseminated by Haitian Ministry of Health, the HIV epidemic in Haiti is still widespread. Its prevalence is 2.2% among adults aged 15-49, the same level of prevalence as in 2006.

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Karine Duverger, Country Program Manager
Klinik Solidarite
2, Impasse Rigaud & Ave Lamartiniere,
Bois Verna, Port au Prince
Phone: 011 509 2 811 2333
[email protected]

Clients in AHF Care: 3,353
Clients receiving ART: 1,362
People living with HIV: 140,000*

*UNAIDS HIV/AIDS estimates, 2014